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Scent Vent is a roto molded device that functions as a dryer and an odor elimination system in one. Scent Vent uses positive pressure ventilation that is produced by a high velocity fan producing up to 4500 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Now you can dry items that could or should not be put in a common high heat tumbler dryer while eliminating odor by air exchange and dehydration.

Scent Vent is used all around the country in Fire Houses, Schools and for personal use. Scent Vent dries your gear and provides Odor Elimination fast and efficiently. Plugging in Scent Vent will engage a high velocity fan providing 4500 cubic feet per minute.

Company Information

Scent Vent’s goal is to provide our customers with a gear dryer & odor elimination system that is cutting edge & unlike anything else on the market and is made right here in the USA. In a world full of gimmicks, exaggeration, and false claims the difference between the great products and the poor ones is how well they function, how durable they are and the core values of the people behind the product. This is the back bone of Scent Vent. Not only does our product perform exactly as we describe it but it is also built to take the punishment that everyday life can give it. We at Scent Vent believe in three very important core values and these values influence us each and every day to make us not only who we are as a company but also who we are as individuals as well.

Athletic Gear

Scent Vent is also great for eliminating body odor from your athletic equipment. Everyone has experienced the strong, unpleasant odor that comes from hockey, football and other sport equipment. Scent Vent can remove as much as 75% of that odor in as little as 4 hours. This occurs through air exchange and also dehydration. The air exchange occurs by Scent Vent’s high velocity fan forcibly pushing out the strong unwanted body odor and replacing it with fresh odor free air. readMore

Hunting Clothes

Scent Vent will quickly dry washed hunting clothes without having to expose them to the unwanted odors associated with household tumbler dryers. Your hunting clothes will no longer be exposed to fabric softners or human odor from your house, which constantly flows throughout your home’s dryer. Scent Vent also eliminates the need to hang your clothes from a clothes line or drape across your deck in hopes that a breeze will kick up to help dry your clothes. readMore

Firefighter Turnout Gear

Scent Vent can hold one full set of turnout gear that is fully separated, hood, boots, gloves and SCBA facepiece and have them all dry in 3 hours.The other added benefit to Scent Vent is it was specifically designed to make repairs as simple as possible and eliminate the need for a technician to ever have to come to your location to make a repair. This significantly reduces the amount of down time your unit would have in the event of a mechanical issue.readMore

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