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Western Chief Kids Company brings a vibrant look to the way kids look at puddles and rain!  Browse through our selection of water resistant products available that will keep your kids’ feet dry and happy all day.  Western Chief showcases a large variety of rain gear, and strives to create great products that are both functional and affordable. Get recognizable characters such as Hello Kitty, Thomas the Tank Engine and fun themes such as dinosaurs, frogs, ladybugs, and more, there is something really magical about the relationship kids have when they are wearing these Western Chief Kids characters. Your kids will never be more happy when the try on their Western Chief Gear!

Westernchiefrainboots.com features popular and best selling Boots, Coats, and Umbrellas for Kids and Adults.  These products are durable, and will make you look good!  Each category features best selling products, click on each category to view current featured products.

Western Chief has dozens of rain boots for boys.  Active boys need a good pair of boots, instead of puddle jumping in their sneakers.  My favorite boots are the spiderman and the firefighter boots.  Check out the best rain boots for boys!

Western Chief Spiderman Boots Western Chief Rain Boots Western Chief Camo Boots Western Cheif Firefighter Boots

active boys need rain boots

Boots for Girls – Browse All

Every girl wants to look stylish with their shoes.  Western Chief girls can do the same with their boots too. View the best rain boots for girls available.

Western Chief Flower Dot Boot Western Chief Hello Kitty BootsWestern Chief Frenchy French Rain BootWestern Chief Wings Rain Boot

Rain Coats for Boys – Browse All

Check out the best rain coats available for boys.  Great style and great rain protection for kids.

Western Chief F.D.U.S.A. Firechief Rain Coat Western Chief Thomas The Tank Engine Raincoat Western Chief Automo-Billy Rain Jacket Western Chief Kid Frog Raincoat

Rain Coats for Girls – Browse All

Check out the best rain coats available for girls  Great style and great rain protection for kids.

Western Chief Hello Kitty Froggy Ruffles Raincoat Western Chief Girls Homeroom Raincoat Western Chief Girls Ladybug Rain Coat Western Chief Girls Blossom Cutie Rain Coat

Western Chief Umbrellas – Browse All

Western Chief Boys Thomas The Tank Engine Umbrella Western Chief FDUSA Umbrella Western Chief Girls Blossom Cutie Umbrella Western Chief Boys Batman Umbrella

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